Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tour through Cancunmese

After spending a long day of processing audio files, digital pictures, and pages of notes from the previous day's activities, I took a little self-guided walking tour of the Cancunmesse conference center to see "the bigger picture".

Inside Halll D was a large room filled with nationally sponsored rooms or wall-less spacious "enclosures" that used art and aesthetics to convey countries' commitment to climate change and to enumerate their actions to deal with it.

A particularly beautiful exhibit was from Brazil and was vey much like an exhibit out the Natural History Museum. With sounds of the rainforest creatures, pictures of rainforest biodiversity including humans, and installments of facts about the Brazilian rainforest in terms of human impact and greenhouse gas emissions. Take the tour for yourself:

After that I strolled through the main concourse of the conference center, recording the general buzz, even at 8pm, and I was even swift enough to get an interview with

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